Key Dates:

Early Bird Applications Open – 5 May 2024

Summer Sessions – 5 – 8 Aug 2024

Early Bird Applications Close – 10 Aug 2024

General Applications Open – 15 Sep 2024

Open Day – 9 Nov 2024 & 18 Jan 2025

Applications Close – 31 Jan 2025

Support Sessions – Feb & Mar 2025

Auditions – Mar 2025


Young people performing at Breakin’ Convention Future Elements Night 2020
Photo Credit – Dave Barros, Future Elements 2020

Application Process

To apply for Academy Breakin’ Convention, please complete the application form below, the first 2 bullet points can be completed in a written or video format:  

  • We will need your basic contact details 
  • An answer to the question “What do you hope to develop at Academy Breakin’ Convention ?” Maximum 150 words 
  • A 1-minute video of you performing at least 1 of the 7 ABC elements: Breaking, DJing, Emcee, Graffiti, Music Production, Popping, and Social Dance.  

These will be used to shortlist you for an audition.

Audition Process

After completing the application form, applicants will be shortlisted and invited to an audition to show us what you’ve got. During the audition you will be expected to showcase your skills in Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop Social Dance and Emceeing (with and without music).   

Sound nerve-racking? Don’t worry, ABC will invite all shortlisted applicants to attend our free support sessions to ensure everyone feels prepared and supported. We know students will be doing things outside of their comfort zone and a variety of options will be offered to make sure everyone has the best chance of success, enjoys the process, takes away positive encouragement and leaves feeling inspired and motivated to grow.  

Application FAQs

A rap written by you using the question ‘Why do you want to study at ABC?’ as inspiration.

  • This can be memorised or read.
  • Must be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length.
  • You will perform it once to music and once as an acapella spoken word piece (no music).

*Please ensure the lyrics are age appropriate and with no offensive language* 


You will take part in a class learning a short routine including Breaking, Popping and Hip Hop Social Dance. You will also be given the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and perform the routine back in smaller groups, ending with your own flavour in a freestyle.   


You will perform your pre-prepared rap/spoken word piece to a small panel.   


A chance to return to your first application questions and for you to ask any questions to the ABC team.