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Early Bird Applications Open – 5 May 2024

Summer Sessions – 5 – 8 Aug 2024

Early Bird Applications Close – 10 Aug 2024

General Applications Open – 15 Sep 2024

Open Day – 9 Nov 2024 & 18 Jan 2025

Applications Close – 31 Jan 2025

Support Sessions – Feb & Mar 2025

Auditions – Mar 2025


Entertainer Salah teaching a popping workshop at Breakin’ Convention 2018
Photo Credit – Ben Williams, Breakin’ Convention Workshop 2018

What will I learn?

Academy Breakin’ Convention will cover the foundations of hip hop ensuring graduates are well versed in all ABC elements: Breaking, DJing, Emcee, Graffiti, Music Production, Popping, and Hip Hop Social Dance. ABC will provide global perspectives of the socio-economic studies around the communities that create hip hop with a focus on creating theatrical performance.   

How is the course taught?

Over two academic years students will be introduced to ABC’s 7 elements of hip hop culture and through 12 units of study begin to specialise. The 7 ABC elements are Breaking, DJing, Emcee, Graffiti, Music Production, Popping, and Hip Hop Social Dance which students will be exploring as theatrical tools. This multi-disciplined approach to studying hip hop will engage different performance skills and allow students to understand the connection between them. In the first year, students will focus on learning all elements woven across 8 units and be guided towards their interested career path in the second year for 4 units before they graduate into the Academy Breakin’ Convention network of artists. 

The course will run full time Monday to Friday* 9am – 4.30pm (Subject to change). We are planning a 4-day week of guided ABC study, plus an additional day of GCSE teaching/studio time for independent/group practice as we are aware of the cost of hire for independent artists in London.

In a typical ABC week, students will study:

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How will the course benefit me?

Students will be taught by a team of specially selected teachers with decades of experience in the culture from around the world and develop relationships with hip hop programmes in Amsterdam, New York, Seoul and Kampala. Hip hop has thrived within a peer-to-peer “Each one, teach one” collaborative education structure. Once the foundation of the technique is shared, each artist must find their own pathway to greatness; originality one of the most important qualities of culture. 

On completion of the course, students will achieve a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performance and Production Arts, specific to Hip Hop Theatre, recognised as the first academy in the country to offer such a qualification and educational provision. ABC students will have a variety of potential career progression routes including, directing, choreographing, screen and script writing, graphic design, marketing and so much more.  

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