Key Dates:

Early Bird Applications Open – 5 May 2024

Summer Sessions – 5 – 8 Aug 2024

Early Bird Applications Close – 10 Aug 2024

General Applications Open – 15 Sep 2024

Open Day – 9 Nov 2024 & 18 Jan 2025

Applications Close – 31 Jan 2025

Support Sessions – Feb & Mar 2025

Auditions – Mar 2025


Two young girls graffitiing their name on large white paper with coloured pens.
Photo Credit – Jay Kasitz

What is Graffiti?

Innovation really comes from not necessarily having it all laid out for you, but taking the opportunities for what you see around you. Learning the foundations of graff, lettering, the history, illustration side of things, scaling up and working outside… I think once you’ve got a foundation, you could move into industries like filmmaking, set building, immersive theatre production. You might go in the direction of illustration or animation and then come in all the way into digital painting and graphics, you can really move out into very creative industries.

Luke Dane