Key Dates:

Early Bird Applications Open – 5 May 2024

Summer Sessions – 5 – 8 Aug 2024

Early Bird Applications Close – 10 Aug 2024

General Applications Open – 15 Sep 2024

Open Day – 9 Nov 2024 & 18 Jan 2025

Applications Close – 31 Jan 2025

Support Sessions – Feb & Mar 2025

Auditions – Mar 2025


A music producer creating an original score for Breakin’ Convention: Back to the Lab
Photo Credit – Dave Barros, Back to the Lab

What is Music Production?

Music Production is where you take samples, vocals, and instruments and put them into 8-16 bar loops to make a song composition. In terms of career opportunities for those who may be composing or beat making, it can really range from producing music for video games, driving a desk working on live news broadcasting or sport broadcasts, producing music for mainstream artists or getting a publishing deal as a music producer and songwriter. Your work can vary from being an emotive piece for a TV drama to an emotional piece that you would create for a theatre production. The opportunities are there, they’re very vast and wide and to have the qualification behind you, it will give you, what I would class as, a great start within the industry.

Max Cyrus