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Feb – Mar 2024Pre-audition workshops (in person at a London location & online)

Mar 2024 – Auditions (in person at a London location)  

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DJ Sarah Love playing at the Breakin’ Convention after party
Photo Credit – Paul Hampartsoumian, Breakin' Convention After Party

What is DJing?

The importance of the DJ in hip hop culture, in my opinion, is that hip hop would not exist without the DJ. Hip Hop is responsible for so many forms of innovation within popular culture and music. The DJ basically crafted this idea of using the turntables as an instrument, a way to articulate ourselves and create something new out of records that already existed. This varied from looping sections of the record to keep the beat going for the bboys and bgirls, to creating scratching and cutting, which has added a whole other flavour to not just DJing but also influenced hip hop production and therefore has influenced all the popular music production that exists today.

DJ Sarah Love