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Feb – Mar 2024Pre-audition workshops (in person at a London location & online)

Mar 2024 – Auditions (in person at a London location)  

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Breaker Logistx performing at Breakin’ Convention 2019
Photo Credit – Belinda Lawley, Breakin' Convention 2019

What is Breaking?

It started in the 70’s in New York, in the Bronx and the kids who started it were in the ghetto.  If you was going to describe it, it’s basically a mix between dancing and acrobatics. You dance on top, you go down to the floor, you do what we call footwork which is the one thing that is unique to breaking, the way we do footwork no other artform does it.  Someone can be good at breaking but we are not just looking at the moves, we are looking at how you present it, who you are on the dance floor and if you have your own flavour.

Bboy Manny